Sunday, August 29, 2010

so what's the dream?

To be able to play these 2 songs or to be as good as any of these violinists.

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

can i?

Can I just not be compared to someone brighter and smarter than me for once?

Can I just not be criticized for once for everything that I do?

Can I just be sad for once and not be regarded as weak and useless?

Can I just take a break and not be deemed as being lazy?

Can I just be me for once and not be judged for the way I am?

I'm so tired of trying to be the perfect person that everyone wants me to be, to avoid confrontations and conflicts, to avoid hurting anyone's feelings, to make everyone happy while risking mine instead.

I'm tired of trying to achieve all these expectations that people have for me.

I'm just not that good. I'm not perfect.
I'm just tired of being compared already. Please give me a break.