Wednesday, February 25, 2009

update as of 25/2

Gawsh I'm so tired right now my brain feels raw.

Okay so exam week is like, 8 days away and I have not started on my revision yet. But in the midst of approaching exam week, we still have short tests, topical tests and random assessments. Blah.

It feels like being in Primary 1 to Form 5, all in one.

This is what i have to revise:

Chemistry - Matter, Gaseous State, Liquid and Solid States, Electronic Structure of Atom, Periodic Table, Chemical Bonding, Intermolecular Forces of Attraction, Chemistry of Carbon, Alkane, Alkene, Arenes, Haloalkanes

Biology - Reproduction, Taxonomy, Biodiversity, Immunity, Hormones, Nervous System, Homeostasis, Transports, Gaseous Exchange.

This is insane.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

lesson of the day

A quote strucked me while I was watching Brothers & Sisters today.

"Whatever pain all this is causing is worth it because the moment this is over you'll be so grateful for every screw ups, every dissapointments, all the uncertains because in the end it has all led you to what you want"

Which led me to imply:
Life may have been rough these 2 years. I was not able to get a scholarship nor was i able to even go to a college and instead i was left to face F6, one of the toughest years any teens would dread to go through but this is all going to pass because in the end, I will still be getting into an university. Then I'll be grateful for every single moment that led me to that.

it's a bit deep but at least it's meaningful.

I will get through this. I swear nothing will bring me down.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

random updates

No inspiration lately. So this is my update..i guess.

You Are 8% Nerdy

You are definitely not nerdy - in fact, you probably don't know any nerds.

You probably care a little too much about your image. No one will know if you secretly watch Star Trek reruns!

You Are Somewhat Mature

You definitely act like an adult sometimes, but a big part of you is still a kid at heart.

While your immature side is definitely fun, you're going to have to grow up sooner or later.

You Are 16% Gross

You're not gross, but you tend to think everyone else is. And you're right... they are!

Some people may think you're a neat freak, but at least you'll never die of flesh eating bacteria.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Facebook's Photo Album

Flickr's Photo Album

Rat dissection photos are in those links above. I didn't think posting those photos here would be very appropriate.

Imagine someone new bumps into this blog and the first thing that they see are overly-exposed rats.

Anyway instead, I've decided to post some other photos which are more subtle.

Drawing of mouse's organ

i was bored

runaway hamster

no we didnt dissect it.

Our class only countdown to 3 important events.
2010 - Graduation year
X'mas - My favourite day
1st sem's holiday - Everyone's favourite week

Too tired after all the events today: Almost got killed, then was spared, then ran away, got caught anyway, tried to escape but failed.

We thought the mouse would be interested to bring it home.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

upcoming albums..

which I'll be looking forward to.

1) Muse - September 2009
I just hope they don't postpone it again.

2) Pete Doherty - 16th March 2009

Any other suggestions?

on mice and rats

I didn't manage to catch any rats this time. Whatever happened to all of them.

Anyway dissection pt.2 tomorrow

Pictures anyone? =D

Oh and I was suppose to go to Chemistry's extra classes later. Doubt I'll go. I think I'm falling for another round of fever again. Schnap.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

and again, chemistry


Oh the other hand, one of my good friend just disappointed me very much. I'm not trying to be all dramatic but sorry it's over. I've given u plenty of chance but you've let me down every single time.

It's over. 

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Beyonce - Halo

I have to admit, this is the only song from her that I actually like and is actually close to somewhat addicted. 

This is her at the NAACP Image Awards yesterday. I recommend watching this in high quality.

Or if the above video has already been deleted due to copyrights claim(just like what happened to the Coldplay performance I've posted), you'll just have to listen to it instead.

okay quick update

I went to the doctor today because I wasn't feeling well and to my utmost horror(& as any patient would), the doctor asked me to go to the nearest hospital's ER a.s.a.p.

Had a X-Ray scan and ECG reading. 

I really thought I was in deep shit.

Will blog more on this later on. 

Oh and btw, Happy Valentine's Day y'all. No matter u're single or unavailable, u can always spend this day with your loved one, be it gf/bf, family members or even your close friends.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

i've decided to use this as an update

Rules: Once you’ve been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you.

1) I love God, my family and my friends.

2) I dislike driving.

3) I prefer SUV over sedans. but my fav would be convertible

4) Cadillac SUVs. (refer to 3)

5) I can play the violin

6) I prefer tv series over movies

7) I prefer chemistry over biology

8) but I have a love-hate relationship for chemistry

9) I dislike maths

10) I tend to spend money when I feel sad

11) I dislike girls who disrespect boys/just plain rude.

12) I dislike getting into a relationship/prefer staying single

13) I dislike people who are bossy/nosy.

14) I'll like to be a doctor

15) I love the band Muse

16) Burberry as well.

17) I dislike too much questions to be asked

18) I don't really like Japanese foods.

19) I like to eat mutton, beef, scallops, mussels, clams, stuff like that.

20) I am not exactly adventurous and daring when it comes to trying new stuff(esp food).

21) I tend to sleep and wake up early

22) I do not like loud places such as nightclubs. Not exactly a party person. But chill out places such as lounge bar is alright.

23) I love Christmas over any other festive seasons.

24) I love beachside resorts. Or luxury city center hotels. 

25) When I stay in a hotel, I'll usually ask for as many soaps, shampoos and complementary teas and coffees and I'll bring them all home. XD

now you know me.

tag yourself if you want to.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I'd always thought their earlier songs were rubbish.
But Viva La Vida or Death and All His Friends was good. Pretty awesome

This was them performing at yesterday's 51st Grammy Award. Oh and btw, thank goodness for CGM's holiday. Or else I wouldn't have been able to watch the Grammy Awards.

Life In Technicolor II. awesome song.

This is still my favourite song from the album. Viva la Vida

Sunday, February 08, 2009


Read news here

I believe this article speaks for itself. Please, please pray for them. Pray for mercy.

on the other hand, rat dissection experiment next week. and 3 weeks in total. so need to kill 3 mice.
there are 2 ways to kill it:
1) drown it in the school's pool
2) chloroform poisoning

which one to choose? vote people!

and yes it isss

Blogging is pointless.

Okay I give up. I'll only update when i have things to show or stuffs to tell or words to say.

Just like now =D

i want.

Saturday, February 07, 2009

another rant

I have to be honest on this one.

Many people I know have left this small little town, and when we do get the chance to talk again many would ask this question,

"Miss me?"

Quite honestly I see no reason to miss someone, except those whom I am really close to. If not then sorry I won't. This might come off as harsh and heartless but listen, if I were to miss you all and all of a sudden one day our friendship turned sour because we have not seen each other for a while? When I try to talk to you all you give to me are "yes" and "mmhmm"? Sorry but I ain't gonna live with that attitude of yours.

I've seen enough of this already. I believe friendship will only last to those who believe and are willing to live in it.

There you go.

Friday, February 06, 2009

and there goes another hero..

Michael Phelps caught smoking pot.

and there goes another hero, down the drain.

Go Lee Chong Wei!!!!

Thursday, February 05, 2009

j'adore la chimie


another chemistry quiz tomorrow. this time on alkane and alkene. le crap.
and the last quiz's result wasn't even satisfying at all. didnt even got A. darn.

what to do, what to do.

duh, study!

i dont even know what to blog about nowadays. everything seems so, repetitive. so, deja vu. so, same.
oh it's still flooding btw. guess the flood just doesnt wanna stop. hahah oh ya which reminds me of something my friend told me. he said that the flood will always come once a year and everytime it does it will take away someone's life. if not the flood will not recede.

err -____________- okay the lamest theory i've ever heard okay. like seriously if that was suppose to work then the flood should've receded looong time ago since a poor(adj. deserving of pity or sympathy, not lacking of money) kid drowned.
yes. very very sad.

stupid people with lame theory. sigh.

oh ya which reminds me. i know this is sooo irrelevant to any of you but just for the sake of blogging, i shall tell you all then.
doing rat dissection next week. yes. dissection.

i just cannot get myself to kill those rats. i just cant. we're suppose to drown them in our school's pond to kill them.
yes the school's pond. whosoever has been in there please consider going for a bath and disinfection immediately, even tho the last time you were in there was years ago.

can you imagine how many rats have been killed in that pond?


and i shall end with this.

she is just so pretty.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Secondhand Serenade - Your Call

im addicted to this song.

im backkkkk

sorry folks, shitty streamyx passed out on me for 4 days. yes four days without internet connection. made me finished all my homeworks. XD

so had an awesome chinese new year week, minus the flooding. will blog about it when i feel like doing so.

and...will blog when i am free. =D

secondhand serenade's new single is just oh so good.