Friday, December 31, 2010


WOW seriously cannot believe how time flies! It's officially NYE people!! 

Ahh, 2010 has been a crazy crazy year. Let's see what amazing things have happened this year..

1) Started off brilliantly with the release of my STPM results. 3As! Happiest day of this year. =D

2) Got a job offer to teach in SMK Methodist. Gotta say this must've been the best experience of my entire life. Bittersweet. Miss the students, miss some of my colleagues, but I do not miss the workload. haha!!

Candid shot by my students. LOL
Me with my students!
My surprise farewell party!

3) Had the privilege to volunteer in a hospital for a week! That was a very interesting experience. 

4) Lea and adrian during summer breaks. Yeap the lots came back again! Always the happiest time. Whenever I'm bored or they are bored I'll always be at their place hanging around.

Sushi time!
No comment.

Typical tea time!
5) Then it was off to Beijing! Was definitely a great trip. Had lots of fun with my family, and meeting new people as well! 

Fun with sis!

Fun in China!

Well overall this year was definitely another great year! And I'm sure next year is gonna be even better, and I hope it's the same for everyone as well! =D


"   Please be informed that he just have to leave the situation as it is until the JPA office send us the list of JPA qualifying students."
This is why i feel so helpless right now. My ed consultant just helped me emailed a Monash representative and this was what I've got. 

I handed in my acceptance form at the beginning of the month and all I wanted was a clarification on whether they have received my acceptance form. This is because JPA asked me not to pay any of the fees first so that there will not be any double pay cases later. But then Monash insisted that in order for me to accept this offer, I must pay an initial fee equivalent to the tuition fee for a semester.

Hence, I gave my ed. consultant a call this morning, telling her of the situation. She understands, and she said she'll help me settle it immediately. So she sent them an email and this was the reply she got from them. This made me really restless. Yes I do worry alot. Now I am worried. What if things go wrong. This is like, my last and only chance of going into university. I am not going to ruin it.

I really need a miracle.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Things I Wanna Do When I'm In KL.

So I've been doing these mental checklist on what would be the things I really would like to do when I start my studies in KL. Of course, my priority would still be studying, but these are just the other things I would do during my past time/holidays.

I would like:-
a) to visit Putrajaya. I've heard it's one of the most beautiful city in the entire Malaysia.
b) to attend a performance by the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra.
c) to go and have drinks with my friends at Skybar. (For more info: Click here, and here)
d) to have a trip with my friends to Genting
e) to have a trip to Pulau Langkawi
f) to rent a BMW or a Mercedes and drive around town the entire day
g) to attempt a fine dining experience during the Malaysian International Gourmet Festival
h) to have a gym membership
i) to visit Penang (and try out all the food!)

and some things which I really wish I can do
i) to never fail any of my exams
j) to never get robbed.

Will update the list when I think of more! LOL

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

dear you,

Anyone who knows me should know that I rarely listen to songs in which, I'll have a hard time understanding the lyrics.

..and that includes mandarin songs. 

So you'll never see me listening to raps by Jay Chou(God knows what is he talking about) or some songs about "sorry" by SuperJunior. 
And I can honestly say I'd never listened to more than 5 Japanese songs before. The only Japanese song that I'd listened to the most would be Doraemon's theme song (tottemo daisuki~)

But once in a while you come across some songs, that even though you dont quite understand what are they singing, but the way they sing it shows how meaningful the song is. 

And mind you, those songs are really good. 

I don't remember if I've ever introduced this song in my blog, but oh well..

Angela Aki - Tegami
She's actually half Japanese, half Italian. Which explains why she doesn't really look like a Japanese. =D


Changi is a very bad place I tell you. A very very bad place. 

Bought these chocs and another wallet from Tumi. With all the duty free prices and such, no wonder changi brings out the shopaholicness in everyone. I almost went mad when I went into Burberry. Too bad my parents were there, or else I would've bought some stuffs(or maybe it's a good thing they were there after all XD).

And let's not get started on the liquers! 

Changi is evil i tell you. And I'm in love with that place!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

After 13 years..

I remember the first time I was on board of a plane, I was 7 years old. Sibu to Kuala Lumpur, via Malaysia Airlines. 

It was one of the most thrilling experience of my life. Since the flight was during sunset, the view across the horizon was amazing. And the view when we arrived at KL was spectacular. The lights, the skyscrapers, the night view of the city's skyline from the plane. 

Ever since then, I could not wait to travel to many more countries. 

During my trip to china, all my flights were on SQ. And I've got to say, Malaysia Airlines is still the best. 

Not that I have anything against Singapore (I ADORE changi), but then the service I get on SQ is just, not the same. I mean, it's good, no doubt. But then the cabin crews were kinda..uhm..hostile. The food was not that great, but the cocktails were amazing! LOL

Been with them since the ticketing days all the way to the ticketless eras. So, after 13 years, MAS still is my most favourite airline. Never failed me. Do you believe that even though I've flown so many times with MAS, not once were my flights ever delayed! Ha! 

And yes the meal is definitely nicer! hee!

And there's a reason why it has won more than 100 awards in the last 10 years! 

So yea, this post is mainly a tribute to malaysia airline. =) 

Airasia? hopeless. never will i ever be bothered to consider flying on airasia. a few bad experience and i'm through. =(

Sunday, December 26, 2010


I really don't know who to trust with my feelings and problems anymore.

Definitely not my family because they will judge.

Before this I'll usually have a few friends to talk to, but now that they are all in uni, I feel really awkward disrupting their activities with my problems. Some are busy with relationships, some are busy with books and studies, others are busy with their new friends. Eventually the group of friends who were always there to listen to my problems disappears. 

I find it hard to trust anyone anymore. Too many things have happened throughout my life that has taught me to never trust anyone unless they've earned it. 

Only a handful of people have access to this blog, and that's because I trust them with my thoughts and problems. I know they will not judge. I know they will not slander. 

So after a while, blog becomes my outlet to vent on whenever I have issues and problems. And yes I plan to keep it that way. 

If you find my posts boring, uneducated or just plain stupid, I suggest that you may leave. If you're willing to listen and give a comment or two, I'll thank you with my whole heart. Maybe even a hug the next time I see you XD

Friday, December 24, 2010

I am very confused right now.

You told me we're on limited budget when I suggested that I might need to buy something. Okay I accept.

But you brought us to China. Which is confusing.

But you said that's for everyone's good. Everyone came home happy..

...who said everyone was happy? Half of the time I was scolded and blamed for things I did on accident or things that I did not do on purpose. 

You still allow S to buy lots of stuff, even when he's not earning money and all the money comes from you..

..but everything I buy comes out from my own salary and pocket money. You never did gave me anymore pocket money but that I understand. You have a tight budget.

but WHAT i really don't understand is that why do you all ALWAYS side with S whenever he has an argument with me. ALL THE TIME. even when stuffs I say makes some sense and his' completely makes no sense. You all's point blank argument will go on until I am left speechless..

..does that satisfy you? Am I really that useless? Don't I mean something to anyone at all? 

Thursday, December 23, 2010

eeeeeeeeeeverybody wants to be a critic.

Well, you loved criticizing whatever I wrote,

Whatever events that have happened, you’ll always have a thing or two to say.

Whenever I get upset YOU were also the one making fun of me..


I asked you to leave me alone, I asked you to leave this blog alone if you weren’t happy with what I wrote, you said, “I have my rights to read anything I want.”


Right. Fine.


You’ve done enough. Now it’s my turn.


Now you’ll never disturb me ever again. =D

Sunday, December 19, 2010


Sorry peeps, gonna leave this blog for a moment. Stuffs happened which made me realise that it's too dangerous to talk openly here anymore. This blog has gone too public.

I'll be back when the time is right.

Saturday, November 27, 2010


Now I feel super guilty.

I was suppose to tutor one of my students this morning since he had asked for it yesterday night. But at the same time one of my besties wanted to have breakfast with me. So hence i told my students if he could just wait for me to maybe finish my breakfast then maybe we can still meet up and do our tutoring.

And so after I've finished my breakfast, I texted him, as promised. But then there were no replies from him. One text, two texts,....three texts after, still no reply!!

Did he waited for too long and hence got upset or is he just busy? I would like to say busy but seems like he's busy for a really long time!

Guilty! Guilty as charged! Off with yer head! 

Friday, November 26, 2010

self confidence?

No idea what drove me to write about this post, but anyway, as mentioned above, I've decided to talk about self confidence today! 

To be honest, I do not think I have a high self-confidence level. To be honest, I don't think I have self-confidence at all. Hahah I guess I don't think I have any acheivements to be proud off. I mean like, growing up, I was constantly compared to my brother. He was the hardworking and bright student whereas I was the weak and lazy student. So I constantly get stuff like, "Why are you so lazy?" or "Why did you get such poor results? If only you have studied harder!". I guess that's where my confidence level started to drop. Since I was always weaker in my studies compared to my bro, I started believing that maybe I can only be second best my entire life. Not to mention my brother was already good looking ever since young and, well, I was short, fat and ugly. 

Then during my secondary school years, there were a few occasion that really struck me hard. I remember I was always kinda bad in my mathematics especially during my lower secondary years. So there was once where I almost failed my maths and that's when my dad scolded me the worst. I could actually feel his disappointment in the tone he was using. I was really heartbroken that time. I thought, why am I so terrible? How could I have let him down so much? And this was not just once, but a few times as well. And considering my siblings were all good in maths so this kinda made me upset even more. I guess this is when my confidence level started dropping. I was thinking, everyone's at least good in something, some in studies, some in sports, others in co-curricular activities. How come I'm good in nothing? 

But then the first time I studied chemistry I was really happy because I finally found a subject which I can really learn and absorb well. I was really proud of myself at that very moment. That's when some people started asking me to tutor them chemistry and I would gladly accept because I thought it'll be great to help them out. Up till one day one of my friends came up to me asked me a question on chemistry and I could not answer it. to quote him, "oh you dont know this? I thought you were brilliant in chemistry! ah well, nvm then. everyone have their flaws" and yes that totally broke my heart. 

haha so i guess that's how i ended up feeling kinda crappy about myself. whenever anyone tells me that i'm good in something i'll tell them that there are other people way better than me. Even for my stpm results. Good? I don't think so because other people are getting 4As. What am I to be proud of? So yea, half of the time I can hardly believe in myself and most of the time I don't feel confident at all. and all of these goes on for so long that eventually you'll get attached to such emotions and it's really hard to get rid of them.

and yes, I am worried about medical school, after all those discouraging words by relatives and friends. 

p/s: do i write better posts when I'm emo? lol!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

cuteness overload

I swear. This has to be the cutest thing I've seen this year. It's so cute I'm gonna die. Uhm, figuratively of course. XD

Anyway, I miss being a kid.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

23 Random Facts.

This is just one of those "tag-games" where one person tags you and you'll have to do the game as well. Well, since I have all the time in this world now, I'll just play along! hahaha anyway these are just really random facts about me that I can think of right now. uhm, well, be bored! =D

1) I have the most tilted rib cage and bent backbone anyone has ever seen. Once I did an X-ray and the doctor was kinda shocked as to how bent my backbone was. Nope it's not straight down from the Atlas all the way to Coccygeal verterbrae. and my rib cage is kinda tilted, like the right side is slightly higher than the left side. So as to what the doctor said, these 2 causes me to hunch my back, a lot. so it gets kinda difficult if i keep a straight posture for a long period of time.

2) I wear a size 9 shoe? hahaha

3) I've been wearing spectacles since i was 12 years old and it has been anything but fun.

4) My all time favourite band is still Muse but then i'm currently addicted to The Script.

5) The few places I would really like to visit are LA, NYC, London, Paris, Bora Bora, Maldives, Stockholm, Iceland. =D

6) My most favourite subject in school would most probably be chemistry.

7) I was, am and still am single.

8) I try to look happy most of the time, even when I am not.

9) My most favourite time of the year is Christmas. I remember when I was young I'll usually be the one helping my mum decorate the christmas tree while my other siblings play. I don't know why but I was very willing to sacrifice my playtime just for that christmas tree. And now I'll be the one setting up the tree every year. =D

10) The only international places that I've been to are Singapore and Brunei Darusallam.

11) I was born on the 17th of December. I'm super happy with my birthdate since it in the holiday seasons..

12) ..but I've never had a birthday party with friends before because none wants to attend since they'll all be too busy travelling. hahahah

13) I feel most loved whenever someone spends time with me, not when they buy me stuff as how many of my friends think. I'll be so willing to drop whatever that I am doing and talk/meet a friend whenever they want.

14) I can be super shy when I'm meeting strangers or new people.

15) I am 185cm tall. =D

16) I love tea. Darjeeling, Chamomile, Earl Grey, Assam, English Breakfast and Afternoon, Chai, Japanese Ocha, white tea, black tea, yellow tea, you name it. =)

17) I always sleep with a blanket, no matter how warm the temperature is. And I'll need to hug a pillow. Without these 2 I will not be able to fall asleep.

18) I can speak mandarin but I cannot write nor read. Yes I can be classified as a real life living banana.

19) I hate conflicts. I used to have this really bad temper which usually ends up having everyone hating me but now I try to be super nice to everyone. I'll be paranoid if one day any of my friends get upset at me. I'll do whatever it takes to avoid arguments and fights with my friends. Sometimes I'll even be the one surrendering in an argument even tho it isn't my fault

20)  I have tons of nicknames, such as terry, terr, ren , renster, chiew, rence, tc, t, etc.

21) I am a neat freak. I'll go crazy if anyone digs their nose in public.

22) Because of point number 19, I am an easy victim for bullying. heh.

23) I dislike being in a crowd, because that's when I'll feel the loneliest.

well that was incredibly random.. LOL

Saturday, November 20, 2010


Remember "The Little Red Riding Hood?" The story that we've all heard and come to love when we were young??

WHAT in the world happened to that?? I don't recall it as being so gothic and horrifying.

Friday, November 19, 2010


After 8 months, approximately 240 days and many classes after... work is officially done.

Today was my last day of work. It was very sad, let me tell you. I'd never expected myself to feel this way to be honest. If you were to ask me few months ago if I was excited for this day, I would've happily answered yes...

..but now it seems otherwise. Really reluctant to go. 

As I punched out my card for the very last time, the reality finally sank in. I was really gonna leave this school. No more coming early in the morning. No more getting ready for classes. No more exercises to prepare. No more looking forward to meeting the students. 

I managed to not show too much emotion when I said my goodbyes to all my colleague, who were all once my teachers. I was still laughing and making jokes with them. But when packed up my stuff and started walking towards my car, that's when I started feeling really sad. I took a last look at the classes where I used to teach, the stairs I'll take every single time, the hall where we'll have our assembly every single time..

..I took a good look around the school.

I am going to miss this place. Never for the reason of work, but the memories. 

Started out as a naive student, knowing nothing...

...leaving as a teacher, full of memories.

5 hoover. Thank you for the amazing experience. Most teachers dread going to your class, but I look forward to meeting you guys everyday. You all are amazing people. Indirectly, we all became good friends.

5 jujur. Thank you as well. You all showed me that nothing is impossible. You all were able to do anything. Thanks for all the laughter and joy. 

4 galileo. You all were the hardest to teach, in my opinion. Hyperactive and restless, instead, you all managed to teach me the meaning of patience and perseverance. It wasn't easy, but it was worth it. With that, I thank you as well. 

and to 4 newton, 5 newton and all the other classes. even though our time together was short, but it was fun while it lasted. =) thank you as well..

Till we meet again. 

Sunday, November 14, 2010

it's the most wonderful time of the year..

You know what I look forward to every year??

The time when Yahoo! Music starts playing Christmas songs!!! That's when you know Christmas is near..

Today while I was turning on my Yahoo! Music player...

"Clicks on genre.."

"..browsing through genre.."

"*spots something* O.O ... is that WHAT I THINK IT IS???"

"Holiday genre - Play Holiday Pop"


yes i truly adore christmas. =)

Monday, November 08, 2010

Gavin Mikhail

This is a very brilliant cover version of Natasha's song done by him. It's the first time I heard of him and I was BLOWN AWAY by his voice. Seriously amazing. What a talent. =D


Wednesday, November 03, 2010

dead man walking

currently addicted to this song by the script. enjoy!

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

this is hilarious.

everyone! try this one out!!

1) Go onto google
2) Go onto google maps
3) Click get directions
4) Put Japan in the first box and USA on the second
5) Go down to 27
6) Laugh

okay i swear i did not expect that at all!!! what brilliant ideas google maps have. we should really try that out. XD

Saturday, October 30, 2010


a major let-down when you care for someone so much and try to be a good friend to them but they never appreciate your effort.

your way of rejecting was a real stab in the heart, just to let you know.

sorry people. going through a difficult time right now. there's just too much to handle.

and to you: sorry. things are gonna change from now on. not gonna be pushed around anymore.

Sunday, October 17, 2010


A Polaroid Classic Instant camera! 

I'm not trying to be greedy but this thing looks like fun! I wanna have one!

Thursday, October 14, 2010


He Mele No Lilo - Original Soundtrack from the 2002 Disney Animated Film "Lilo & Stitch"

This song definitely brings back memories. I remember when I first watched this movie i was very intrigued by the storyline. Noo... not because of the aliens, but because of the culture and the musics.

Call me childish. I don't know about you all but I would definitely like to feel young again (not that i am not young now XD) once in a while. =) And yes, I loved this song when I first heard it and now I still love it!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

I dream of rain..

Sting ft Cheb Mami - Desert Rose

It was almost 10 years ago since the first time I heard this song. Back then I loved it!!

And after 10 years I still love it!! I like the very "middle-eastern" rhythm and distinct world-music feel kinda thingy! Hahah!

Anyhoo, enjoy!

Friday, October 08, 2010


I seriously have no idea what I should do. I feel like every single step I make is not gonna be ok. =(

This is the situation. Basically I am teaching a Form 4 class right now and they are giving me a hard time. No they are not rude or anything. They are just really talkative. They talk and talk all the time, even when I am teaching. Even when I give them exercises to do they'll still be talking. And when I do finally ask them to pass up their homeworks some of them just copy from their friends. I feel like all they are doing is just taking advantage of me you see. And the problem is that I really want to be kind to them because I feel like if all their teachers are mean and fierce to them their schooling life is gonna be one hell to go through. In the meantime if i am not fierce to them I am afraid that they are gonna further take advantage of this situation. And when the final exam results come out I really dont wanna imagine what's gonna happen.

So what should I do? be nice to them but be fierce to them occasionally? I seriously don't know.

Meanwhile, my form 5 classes are making my life very much better. they are really a fun bunch of people. i look forward to their classes everyday.

I still have a week worth of lesson plan to type out. I have the final's testpapers to worry about, wondering if there are any mistakes in it or if every classes have enough copies in there. I'm still trying to figure out what am I gonna do for the Form 4 students considering only some of them want to listen to me doing revision with them. Half of the time I'm wondering if i will be able to mark the Form 5 final testpapers in time since the exam is just next week and maths is at the very end of the exam period. I'm thinking of the revision programme for the Form 5 students after their finals and what am I suppose to let them do. Most of the time I'm worried my boss is not happy with what I am doing and if the results drop this time I am the one to blame.

I know these sounds like a "no big deal" to any of you but i beg you pleasee don't judge me or criticise me because I am greatly saturated with criticism from my workplace, i dont need any more dosage of that thanks. Just let me wallow through my troubles and misery for now and I'll be fine later.

Stop and just look around.

This is one of the new song from David Archuleta's new album. Am still listening through the entire album and so far it's sounding brilliant! Can't wait to go and buy the album!

Anyway, happy listening! I love this song's happy and cheery vibe.

Keep on running
And you'll never get to feel the moment
It's like you're sleeping
'Cause you don't take the time to take it in

Like a train wreck
You're on a mission
Tunnel vision, got you blinded
Better slow down, before you lose ground
It'll happen anyway
Paint it over if your world is gray

When you close your eyes to see the view
You miss everything surrounding you
Stop and just
Look around
Get up and look around
Get up and look around
Get up and look around

You can build your life right on air
What you need will always be there
You stop and just look around
Get up and look around
Get up and look around
Get up and look around you

Oh oh oh, oh oh oh, oh oh oh
Look around, look around
Oh oh oh, oh oh oh, oh oh oh
Look around, look around

Shut the window tight
But it's raining on the inside
Do you realize you're getting nowhere
But it's all laid out for you
Cut the ribbon if it starts to fray

You found a loophole that you fell in
Now you're treading water
You gotta see the hand, for it pull you out

When you close your eyes to see the view
You miss everything surrounding you
Stop and just
Look around
Get up and look around
Get up and look around
Get up and look around

You can build your life right on air
What you need will always be there
Stop and just look around
Get up and look around
Get up and look around
Get up and look around you

Oh oh oh, oh oh oh, oh oh oh
Look around, look around
Oh oh oh, oh oh oh, oh oh oh
Look around, look around

Look around

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Westlife - Safe

I love this song!

Hard to find a way to get through
It's a tragedy
Pulling at me like the stars do
You're like gravity
Even if the wind blows
It makes it hard to believe

How ya gonna love
How ya gonna feel
How you gonna live your life like the dream you have is real
And If you lost your way
I will keep you safe
We'll open up all the world inside
I see it come alive tonight
I will keep you safe

Doesn't even matter to you
To see what I can see
I'm crawling on the floor to reach you
I'm a wreck you see
When you're far from home now
Makes it hard to believe

We all fall down
We all feel down
Cus rainy days and summer highs
The more we pray the more we feel alive

How ya gonna love
How ya gonna feel
How you gonna live your life like the dream you have is real
How ya gonna love
How ya gonna feel
How you gonna live your life like the dream you have is real

If you've lost your way
I will keep you safe
Well open up all your world inside
So you come alive tonight
I will keep you safe

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

of being overloaded.

Hello everyone. Sorry I've been busy for the past few days. Had so much to do that half of the times I thought I was gonna pass out! Anyway I'd survived and I still have 3 more days to survive for this week.. =(

The reason that I'm beginning to be so busy is because one of our school's maths teacher had just went off for her maternity leave and I am the one who is suppose to replace her - which explains the sudden influx of workload. Capped with my usual sit-ins and helping out with other teachers, I had one hell of a schedule to run about! Like for example, for this week most of the teachers will be off to other schools since they were appointed as the supervisors for the PMR examination. Hence I was assigned to cover 2 of the teacher's classes.  When I compared the 3 of us' timetables, apparently some of the time I am required to be at 3 places at once! i was like "wth?" so hence i told them no i can't do it but eventually they just gave me a few periods, which, if i add it up to my own classes, is still quite a lot. I have 6 continuous lessons for tomorrow =(

I don't know. Some of my colleagues are telling me that I'm being pushed around, easily bullied. But I dont want to be rude and say no to them! I mean, they were my teachers and I still feel like they are my superiors most of the time. bahh. headache.

usually after school i will have to go home and start working on tomorrow's lesson. i'll also have to prepare for the lesson plan and such. I have questions to go through and answers to prepare.

Yes I do like being busy as it keeps my mind off from certain things. I like having stuff to do and occupying myself with works. But sometimes it can be very hectic and wearing if the workload tends to get too heavy.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

beyond the brink of exhaution

This has been a really bad week. A really very bad week. To be honest, this has been a tough month. And i feel like this pain-in-the-rear hecticness is about to continue to the next month as well..

Next week is gonna be a bitch to survive through. Bah.

And when nobody gives a damn, that's when things just get worse.

well, that's not surprising.
Why would anyone be bothered to care about your sorrow.

I'll be back.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Who do you think you are?

Christina Perri - Jar of hearts.

It's a really good song. Plus, the lyrics are very meaningful.

I know I cant take one more step towards you 
Cause all thats waiting is regret 
And don't you know im not your ghost anymore 
You lost the love 
I loved the most 

I learned to live, half alive 
And now you want me one more time 

Who do you think you are 
Runnin round leaving scars 
Collecting your jar of hearts 
And tearing love apart 
You're gonna catch a cold 
From the ice inside your soul 
So don't come back for me 
Who do you think you are 

I hear you're asking all around 
If I am anywhere to be found 
But I have grown too strong 
To ever fall back in your arms 

It took so long just to feel alright 
Remember how to put back the light in my eyes 
I wish I had missed the first time that we kissed 
Cause you broke all you're promises 

And now you're back 
You don't get to get me back 

Who do you think you are 
runnin round leaving scars 
Collecting your jar of hearts 
And tearing love apart 
You're gonna catch a cold 
From the ice inside your soul 
So don't come back for me 
Don't come back at all 

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Telephone - Glee version

I prefer this cover! Sounds fresher when it's sung by Charice and Lea!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

the middle of autumn.

First of all, Happy Mid-Autumn Festival everyone! I hope you all had/will have a good view of the moon!

Well, quite frankly, I have no idea why is it called the Mid-Autumn festival, considering it's not exactly the middle of autumn i guess. But according to wikipedia, it actually marks the start of autumn, since the date is parallel to the autumnal equinox of the solar calendar.

But anyhow, like all the other chinese festival, this one also has it's own legends. It was believed that... you know what, after reading the story about the festival, I don't even feel like talking about it anymore because it feels like an extract from a fable - minus the moral values. Like seriously! Why on earth is a bunny and a lady on a moon. Better yet, how did they get there in the first place!

I bet they'll be feeling like desmond the moon bear.

But anyway, if you're really interested in the story, there's some information on wikipedia (links here!).

Dear Mr. Moon, you're awfully bright tonight!
This is almost customary, a must-do for every year. 
In the beginning my mum would usually help me with the candles and stuff. But since one can only replace so many candles before you get bored, she decided to give up then. And considering that I was probably the only person in the family who is the most gungho about doing these stuffs,  I took the responsibility of replacing all the candles in the lantern once it finishes...

Illuminating through the darkness~
But of course, eventually you yourself will get tired as well right.. hehehe

Comes in many different colours..
Albeit being a quiet one this year, it was still rather fun!

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival everyone!

till then. x 

Sunday, September 19, 2010


You know, it's already painful enough that I've lost my wallet..

..but to have people constantly telling me stuff like serves you right and you deserve it really is just rubbing salt into my wounds. Like seriously, can you be any more heartless?

I know it's my fault, I know it's me being careless, but there's no need to rub it in my face! I get it okay, i seriously do. There's no need to remind me constantly. I'm trying to move on okay and you're not helping at all.

How would you feel if I turn the table around right now eh? Would you be all jolly and jumping for joy while I continue to mock you for your mishaps?


Saturday, September 18, 2010


A lot of things still have not sunk in yet, sometimes I'll still be looking for it, hoping to find it. It's still heartbreaking to think of it, I've got to be honest. And there are so many times I blame myself for everything. I just hope my dad doesn't get too upset at me for losing his 12 years old LV.

Yes I am still upset. I don't know what to say. I had quite a sum of money in there last night, was thinking of depositing it into the bank later on. They were all my earnings for this month's tutoring.

Now all I can think of is what if I had been more careful? What if I had done this, or what if I had done that instead? A lot of what ifs are going through my mind now.

it's really heartbreaking to lose so much stuff in one night.

p/s: dear mr thief. I hope you get salmonella and die. Better yet, I hope you get all the diseases in the world and live a painfully torturing long life and end up dead somewhere nobody can find you. And considering you're not a christian, you'll burn in hell eternally. cheers =)

pp/s: i know there are people who are more unfortunate than me in this world by a million times, but i beseech you not to judge me, please. For some of you, it may seems like it was just a wallet. You don't know me, you dont know what am i thinking, you don't know my feelings. So i beg you to not judge me. Just let me wallow in my own misery for now. I'll be fine, I have to be.

Friday, September 17, 2010

toughest year ever

This year has officially been the most difficult year ever.

The unending workloads, the overwhelming amount of stress, add in many many mishaps and such and voilà, you have yourself a hellhole.

And the fact that I had just got my wallet stolen. Seriously unbelievable. And not just that, I have to endure through being scolded by my parents, just minutes after it was stolen. Talk about having to face through so much emotions at one time. Stuffs like you deserve it and God is punishing you can be veeeeeery "comforting" at such moments.

I am really really tired now.. I don't know why do I have to work so hard but then I'm always the unlucky one. Trying so hard in life and you can barely get what you want.

On the very edge of giving up everything. Maybe God really is punishing me for not being good enough. =(

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

first day back at work.

Finally, after one week of break, I'm back to work again. 

Well, after this one week of sleeping in and staying in bed till late in the morning, getting up at 5:30 was a pain in the bollocks. Seriously tired when I tried to wake up in the morning, only to have fall back to dreamland after pressing the snooze button. But of course, one can only press the button so many times before you get truly annoyed and decides to wake up in the end (besides, I was already running late XD). So I kinda just dazed through the entire morning, not really sure what was happening most of the time. 

But anyhow, last week has definitely been a good week, even though I had to say goodbye to my bestie Adrian, but at least got to spend his last night here with him! And got to have loads of supper with Dory as well. Then at least I got to rest well throughout the entire week! 

Oh and just to clarify, my last post was not meant for anyone ok! No one in particular, any close-resemblance with anyone is just pure coincidence k! =D

And I have no idea what am i typing anymore. Wrote this post in a complete confusion state. O.O must be the lack of sleep, it's getting to my head now. 

Monday, September 13, 2010


It's such a confusing thing.

Really, I just don't get it. Call me old-fashioned but my perspective on love was always as something really pure and real and lasting. Not some cheap-call relationship that started 24 hours ago and ended 24 hours later. That just doesn't make sense.

I've heard of people saying stuff like, "I love you and will be with you forever." Are you serious about that? You better keep your words. Because from what I see, they may be able to say that now but then 2 months later they'll be breaking up saying it's due to irreconcilable differences. Stuffs like, I don't like your habit and attitude and stuffs. I thought love was suppose make you compromise on those? Adore the person's good traits but then compromise on what the person fall short on? I mean, if you're gonna leave that person for those stupid excuses then let me tell you honey, that is not love.  That's just you being infatuated and desperate. If you really love him/her you'll rather compromise and stay with that person forever.

Another case is something like, meeting online for 5 minutes only and out of nowhere the person pops the question, "I love you. Would you be my gf/bf?" WHOA HOLD ON REWIND BACK OFF REALITY CHECK. ARE YOU SERIOUS ABOUT THAT? You clearly dont even know that person do you? I am sure the only thing you know is that the person looks like a human and that's probably it. How can you LOVE a person when you dont even know him/her well!! And no, knowing his/her birthday and gender and name does not count! I mean, think about it! That's probably just feelings developing for that person but that doesnt give you the right to say that 3 words yet! That just doesn't make sense okay. To love someone you're suppose to know him/her inside and out and understands that person wholly. Initially you'll have feelings for him/her and then eventually leading to "i like you and you like me" sorta stuff and only then the love comes in. I don't know, call me traditional but that's how I think it should go about.

Oh and if you really love that person, you wouldn't cheat on him/her as well. You wouldn't go telling other boys/girls that you love them as well and when you're done with them, you'll go back to the original one and start acting sorry saying stuff like I really love you or I am sorry or I am an idiot. Yes you are. Yes you really are an idiot.

I don't know. Looking around at all of these people, kinda makes me feel hostile about relationships. I think I have already reached a level of having no hopes toward relationships at all. I seriously do not know how to trust anyone. I just won't risk it, it's just not worth it.

p/s - sorry y'all. I'm not a love-guru or any sorts but I'm just saying what I think and feel right now. It's very therapeutic to write them all down.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

random photos of the day pt 2

more of where that came from! =D

Night view from the condominium 

Morning view from the condo! =D

Kuching Airport if I am not mistaken. LOL

I love the view.

A really lazy kitty we found while having lunch!

So we decided to bully it. XD

Meet muffins! I meant the dog. 

Kinda looks like the teddybear doesnt it? 

Typical tea time with the besties. 

Someone doesn't fancy tea time. hahaha!

I snap you, you snap me.
2nd trip to KL. Was a tad bit cloudy.

The Gardens, you've just made me adore you even more.