Friday, January 22, 2010


it's finally here!

the package that i have been waiting for! it has finally arrived!!

been waiting for this package for quite a while. 3 weeks actually. what efficiency -.-

well, since I am on a long break right now & i have nothing to do, literally. Hence I bought some books and decided to do a bit of reading =D

i know, i know... i'm kinda late on the whole twilight thing but no big deal right!

i have to say, the story is really really good! i'm halfway through twilight and the storyline is very interesting. the plot, the story itself, it's very well written.

I think the movie is alright, but the book is way better.

Monday, January 18, 2010

like it was made for you

I basically have nothing to do nowadays so hence, a post on suits! random i know.
A few points that I've learnt while choosing suits...

Photo courtesy of
Emporio Armani Pinstriped Two Button Suit. that the suit MUST be slim fit. or else you will look like a kid wearing his dad's suit.

 Photo courtesy of
Emporio Armani Micro-pattern Suit.

..a simple black suit ALWAYS works. even on a bad hair day.

or if you're feeling a tad bit adventurous..

Photo courtesy of
Wool Suit by John Varvatos

..a grey suit works as well =D

Photo courtesy of
Corduroy Suit by Emernegildo Zegna

...or a corduroy suit perhaps?

photo courtesy of - Joel McHale for Heavyweight Champs - A GQ winter suit primer. More available here.

..or maybe you might prefer navy

Suit by etro

or brown?

Suit by Claiborne by John Bartlett.

both photos courtesy of - Neil Patrick Harris for All Business, All Cotton. More available here.

depending on occasion, I personally prefer darker shades of colours such as black, brown or charcoal.

eg: summer wedding? white suit it is!

Suit by Boss Black(ironic!)

photo courtesy of - Chris Pine for Lighten Up: A Summer Suit Primer. More available here.

and for me, notch lapel - anytime. peak lapel - formal occasions.

Tuxedo by Burberry Prorsum
photo courtesy of

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

cause when i grow up...

..i wanna see the world, drive nice cars..

anyway. my trip to kl this time was a blast. had so much fun. but first i'll blog about the stuffs that i want first!

First day. decided to drop by louis vuitton to see if i can repair my wallet. apparently the cost of repairing my wallet = the cost of a brand new wallet. X.X

but then i saw this..

Louis Vuitton Damier Graphite Tadao.
this i like. quote the promoter, "this is insanely gorgeous." a bit extreme but i have to agree.

but thennnn i saw this pair of sneaker!

Louis Vuitton Clipper Sneaker
this i like even more.

and then there was prada.

Prada Nylon Bandoleer bag

but then i thought maybe it'll be good if i get a duffel bag. would be useful

Prada Black Nylon texturized trim duffle bag.

which reminds me of this bag..

Louis vuitton damier graphite keepall

and of course, no trip would be perfect if i did not stop by a few of my fav shops. =D

Salvatore Ferragamo Mille Sneakers
saw this. fell in love. dad saw the price. then i was heartbroken. you do the math.

and i have a question. how does the malaysian gov actually tax these luxury goods? cause the stuffs in burberry are waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay overpriced. seriously.
like for example

Photo courtesy of
Burberry Modern Fit Trench Coat
Priced for around £650, cost around RM6900 in malaysia. O.O
anyway. the trip to burberry was heartbreaking. everything looked so good. most of them cost more than the total tuition fees for a course in gov unis.
i mean. even a simple solid coloured dress shirt cost around Rm1000 but the same thing cost around £100 in 

tried a lot of trench coats. cant show you the picture cause no idea which one is which. LOL could only recognize the one above. but all of them look super good.

so my new(wait. not exactly new but anyway =D) aim is to buy a burberry trench coat!

off to bvlgari! to check out the watch that i want.

Bvlgari Diagono Chronograph Watch
Not exactly the same but almost. Quite similar. and the price is actually quite ok! around RM3000++..i think. 
and another new aim! =D

then i did try on plenty of suits tho. Tried one in Lanvin which cost around RM12000 but then after discount it's only RM3000. Wanted to buy sooooo badly. But of course...
saw a suit. fell in love. dad saw the price. you do the math. 
the salesperson was sooo eager for me to buy it he even further mark the price down. To around Rm2500++ i mean wow for a Lanvin suit. what a bargain! =((( 

but the one thing i actually dislike about designer suits is that most of them cater for sizes 48 or up. I'm 46. =( so zegna was alright but hugo boss sizing just doesnt fit me at all. 

But of course, no suit trying would be complete without a trip to giorgio armani right. 

one word. WOW.
their suits are amazing. 

very very amazing.

till then. if i do remember some more stuff this post will be further edited then. =D


my life feels like an extract from a daytime soap opera.

all the dramas. the resemblance is uncanny.

and i totally forgot to blog about my trip last month =O

my holiday has been very eventful thus far. not a single boring day yet.

i really should type a longer post.

Monday, January 11, 2010

what a way to start the year

this has been a very difficult first-11-days of the year.

not a good way to start a year. not the way i planned it would be either. never part of the plan. it's like my worst case scenario, all coming true.

Sunday, January 10, 2010


this is traumatizing. bah. =((((((

D= upset.

everytime i think of it i cringe in fear. i swear, it was an accident. it was an honest mistake. everytime that moment flash through my mind, that scene replays through my head, my heart shatters. nothing else. you were so helpless.

this is very very very traumatizing.

edited part 2:
still very devastated. cant get over it. did not even sleep the whole night. cant help but feel super guilty. just the thought of it makes me feel sick to the core. still wishing it was just a bad nightmare.
i dont wanna talk about it. i dont even wanna think about it. i just want to get it off my brain, forever. but the scene just keeps on flashing through my mind., like a video on replay.

Thursday, January 07, 2010

..and this made my day =)

tooooooooooooo adorable!

i was *this* close (squeeze thumb and index finger together)

Seriously, I was super close to going to uk to study.

This is heartbreaking but imma blog about it anyway.

I had some help from those education consultant agency and they told me i can actually apply for a full scholarship to study pharmacy in either University of London(yes lea you read right.) or University of Sunderland. Like, sunderland is actually just a few hours away from london so yea i didnt really care where was it. I was just ecstatic to go study in UK. my ultimate dream come true.

 Then my dad did mention that if i can get a full scholarship to study in the UK he will allow me to go study in the UK and be willing to pay for the rest of the expenses.

So in the end I told my dad about the offer and he said it seems ok. Plan seems to be working. dream seems to be coming true. Finally!

....right until the part i told him the cost of the estimated living expenses.

then after a long pause..


..he said no.

dream, ruined. again.

cause it was too expensive and was kinda heavy on my family's expenses. so yea. that i understand. totally. no hard feelings.  yeap

just that i cant help but feel sad. disappointed. I really thought for once my dream will come true.

but since my dreams nor my wishes had ever came true, it's no surprise that this one didnt work out as well. =\

well, back to reality.

i have a feeling for sure,
that i'll end up in a gov uni eventually.
those crappy unis. Dx

Wednesday, January 06, 2010


=D been busy these past few days! finally have some time to sit down, think and recap what had happened last year.

well, 2009 has been a rollercoaster ride. had plenty of good times, amazing times. But of course, there were some bad moments as well.

Upper 6 started very hectically and that did not subdue till stpm was over. lol phew talk about exhaustion. But i have got to say, there were some very good times as well.  had great times with my best mate in class and also some very good friends from my class and s3 as well. our teachers were amazing to us. nicest bunch of teachers i've ever had.
but then, the bad moments had its share of times as well. exams, sleepless nights due to revision, usually we will end up at the brink of exhaustion. =(

but i thought all of those hard works were well paid off in the end when i went to kl for my vacation! =D that was very fun. singapore was kinda crowded but fun nevertheless. in the end every second of my vacation was well spent. =)

then i had parties! first was ym's party(fun fun fun!) and then lea's NYE party(more fun! was the party where i realized i am gin-intolerant lolol). was a great way to end my year. best parties ever. and it was spent with the "best-est" group of people. could not have asked for anything more. that week was most probably the best week of 2009. that has got to be the good life.

so yea. 2009 was definitely a bittersweet year. mostly sweet lolol. twas a memorable year. definitely will miss some moments. but one thing that i am sure of is that there were no regrets. not even one =) life's too short to regret about anything.

that's my 2009. how bout yours? =D

Monday, January 04, 2010


disappointment strikes all at once.

bah. you have no idea.

Sunday, January 03, 2010

=D to cheery.

All the best in NS! even tho you might not be able to see your friends once you are back, but time will bring us all back together again. =) i will see you very very soon again.

with much blessings,


a summary of my holiday =)

 1) chlo's party. awesomeness is all i can say.

2) new years eve party. amazing time as well. tried lea's malaysian sling. gotta say, that's a very nice drink. an excellent mix.

3) a farewell party for adrian. had a great time as well. =)

and not forgetting all the hangout times with bryan, ian, cheery, lea, and adrian as well.

it has been a good holiday. ever since the holidays started life has been superb. and lea coming back just made everything better.

but alas, all good things must come to an end. =\

lea and adrian will be leaving this monday. the day after tomorrow. how time flies. =( bryan and ian is gonna leave as well. so is cheery. everyone is gonna leave me! WHY.

I had a blast this holiday, many thanks to you. Thank you for all the time we had fun together. There was never a dull moment. Thank you for all the times we chatted. Thank you for being the super awesome friend you are. there are so many things that i still wanna thank you for.  =) I wish you all the best this year and ...."chyessss" you must come back this december! LOL =D Just promise me one thing this year. No regrets. not even one. =) gonna miss ya heaps xxxxxx

Adrian (lea please show this to adrian LOL)
Teaching you chemistry was very fulfilling. It was a great experience. You are amazing. Thank you for being an amazing friend. =) All the suppers that we had after cell group, and i love how we can just talk about anything =D those were very good times. All the best in the new country. take care and i really hope to see you soon. haha i may not be the most amazing friend but pleaseee do keep in touch k. gonna miss ya loads.


crap now i'm feeling reluctant. dreading for the day to come.

p/s anyway i dont think i'm gonna make any resolution for this year except for one, to dream big. and keep moving forward, even when times seemed difficult.

Friday, January 01, 2010



we should do this again. next year.