Sunday, March 29, 2009

just a bit of rambles.

Have you ever felt so down and weary that even the prize or the reward that is waiting for you after all this hard work doesn't seems so tempting anymore? And you wish you could just give it all up now?

I'm willing to give up everything now. 

Why stay strong? In the end what does strong give you?

The battle will be long, and it'll be the battle of our lives. 
In the end we will stand as champions.

I don't think I'm strong enough to fight this battle.

The time will come for us to finally win.

Just hold on. It WILL be over.

p/s-If you have nothing nice to comment, then please don't comment at all. I'm stressed. I'm tired. Please don't make fun or insult. Encouragement appreciated. thks

Saturday, March 28, 2009

a proof

while doing my chemistry homework..

"yay I'm almost done with my homework!"

5 minutes later


3.7 seconds later

"Ei wait, i think the teacher wants us to finish everything oh."

"but I thought she has not finish teaching phenols?"




how blur does a person has to get 
to actually forgot what happened yesterday

Thursday, March 26, 2009

I love this song.

I love many songs.

anyway heard this song yesterday night when I was at the cell group. A very catchy song.

Oh yea btw update on my exam(which i've no doubtingly fretted and whined plenty of times) shall we?
I did fairly well. Much much better than how I did last year. Great improvement. Finally a B for my Chemistry & Biology and a B- for my Maths. Now all I've got to do is get those Bs into As. But still, thank God for everything.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I used to love this song, but then new songs came and took the spotlight
Then today, I'd decided to listen to it again and now I know why I love this song so much.

No explanation needed cause this song is just too damn well awesome.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

for consideration

okay if i were to take that offer, i would have to travel halfway across the world, over stretches of seas, be faced with a totally new environment, different language, hazardous freezing -40'C during winter and I would only be able to come back once a year. 


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

her sweet seventeen

So it was cheery's birthday yesterday. yay!

and she had a birthday party. An awesome birthday party.
Food enough for a football team, free flowing wine, sexy ambience and no lame games(eg: Musical chairs, Pop the balloons, etc etc)
Overall it was probably one of the best birthday party I've been in a while(Ian yours was also good. It was very lively! honest!!)

and least but not the last,

The birthday girl and yours truly.

Monday, March 16, 2009

just the most awesome

allowances. more than what I've expected. =DDDDDDD can buy burberry

Zara's clothes. So freakin cheap. can buy plenty.

Now all I need is an airticket.

why some of these people annoys me.

Oh okay so you say you've got some problem. You're sad. You need your friends to console you. Awesome cause there they are ready to help you out. But then you cuss them off, telling them to mind their own business. Hello excuse me but I think you were the one who wanted some attention at first okay if you don't want any why bother asking in the first place? And when someone is having some problem you claim that you're always the first to be by their side. Please don't make me laugh cause obviously you're just nosy and ready to bust off another round of gossips.

So you go clubbing? Wow wow I'm awed. So you can down glasses after glasses of alcohol? Cool? Don't think so. And don't go telling the whole world okay cause that will just make people think you're an alcoholic who needs to go to rehab. And you tell everyone you've met like, the hottest dudes in the club(wayy hotter than any guys you've known) and goes smooching them having a snogfest and sucking their face off? Think that is cool? I think that is stupid. You're just telling the whole world you're a cheap slut ready to get pregnant anytime. Harsh but meaningful, I know.

You think you're so good. You've aced everything. Well, not really. You think you're so cool. You've done some "things" that makes you a popular girl. And you think from then on your fame is gonna skyrocket up high and earn big bucks. So you look down upon us who rely on book and brain. You think school is unimportant. You blame every single teacher and classmates of yours for your bad results. You think those getting As in science subjects are just plain nerds with no life. Hello but reality check please. 1) You are not hot. You look stupid. 2) You think you're gonna earn big bucks with what you're doing now? Think again. 3) Blame yourself for not being smart, pea brain. and 4) I've happened to know some people who get brilliant results and have wayy cooler lifestyle than you.

Oh so you think you've got plenty of friends. You're famous. Everyone wants to be your friend. You take your time, follow your mood and chooses to be who you wanna be with. You be with those who you think fits into your circle. You ignore those who you think are lame and boring. And only when you're lonely and sad you then come looking for us. I'm sorry but I wish I've never met you in the first place. You know who you are.

You used to listen to some k-pop or j-pop songs. You were literally worshipping them. Okay fine no big deal. All of a sudden one day you've decided to turn 180degrees and start listening to hard and alt rock bands. I don't care. But when you start insulting us for COPYING you just because we listen to the same music then that is wayy hardcore man. You think we are just desperate to fit in so we're listening to what the cool people are listening to, and in this case, YOU? Give me a break. It's a free country. We can listen to whatever we like. And fyi, I believe we knew them way longer than you do okay.

okay I'm done. This has got to be the longest post I've ever written.
now i didnt mention any names so dont go assuming cause you'll make an ass out of you and me.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

and so

I was previewing Pete Doherty's new album on his site.

I want the album

Someone get it for me please ok thks.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

i am very happy today

because of this :)

Thursday, March 12, 2009

oh and did i mention

that it does not feel like holidays if you have a Bio test immediately after the holidays?


All I got left is Mathematics 2 for tomorrow. Talk about gruesome.

Just an overview:
Biology. I'm seriously not sure how I did.

Chemistry. Not bad, except the Physical part. Essays were alright, except the organolithium part. I forgot what to use to change Ethlylithium to Butanol. Ethanone or Ethanal? or Ethanoic acid? And i forgot the mechanism of that as well. blehhahaha.

and for last week's maths 1, we'll just skip that.

anyway whatever the result is I'll still thank God for it.

but seriously. who knew maths could be this hard?
Think F4 and F5 maths & a.maths are difficult? think again.

Monday, March 09, 2009


Why am I up so early?

Cause I still have a solid 200pgs of biology yet to be memorized.
Whereas a WHOOPING 600pgs of Chemistry.

and on the other hand, I finally went to church yesterday, after months of hiatus. It felt great to go back again, seeing all the very welcoming faces.

and also, a shoutout to my lil bro in Australia. Happy Birthday and hope you have an awesome one.

Gawsh the fonts in those textbooks SUPER small sumore.
800pages! are you kidding me.
this is brutal

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Since I got sick of memorizing all those cycles in biology(Cori cycle, ornithine cycle, etc etc), I've decided to take some time off and have a bit of fun. Plus, everyone deserve a break.

This looks fun LOL

If you can survive to more than 60%, you're pretty far up along the percentile rankings. Yeah, that's like a D-/F borderline, but hell, this isn't about getting as much as possible. It's about discovering your inner Asian self. And no, you don't need to get at least a 90%, because you parents won't be seeing the score and this won't be counted towards or against your grades. Haha send along ppl :)

[x] Both of your parents are from Asia
[x] You were born in Asia
[ ] You use the term "Azn"
[ ] You think DDR is cool
[] You watch anime
[] You like Korean drama
[ ] You have stuff hanging on your phone
[ ] Your parents want you to marry within your own race
[x] You eat rice almost everyday
[x] You drink lemon tea

X's so far: 4

[x] You style your hair
[ ] You have a xanga/bebo/myspace/friendster
[x] You speak languages other than English
[ ] Your parents are strict compared to other REALLY asian parents
[ ] Your parents have high expectations of you
[ ] You always get A's/B's on your report
[x] You do Chemistry/Biology/Physics/Accounting.
[x] You know your multiplication table
[x] You play badminton or table tennis
[ ] You've seen the asian version The ring/The grudge

X's so far: 9

[x] You go/want to go to a university and would NEVER consider an apprenticeship
[x] You own an Asian car.
[x] You're not the only child
[x] You've gotten little red envelopes around February
[ ] You know the difference between kung fu, karate and tae kwon do.
[ ] If you're a girl, you prefer white guys over asian guys, or if you're a guy you prefer asian girls
[ ] Your mother tries to bargain even though the product is already discounted
[ ] You can do the rubiks cube
[ ] You have a box of noodles somewhere in your house
[ ] You play video games

X's so far: 13

[ ] Everytime you're going out your parents ask you where you're going and what time you'll be home
[ ] You have karaoke at home
[ ] You have have heard of BoA, Gazette, Ayumi Hamasaki, Gackt, Jay Chou, Twins, or DBSK
[ ] You've been to a LAN more than 3 times.
[ ] You have incense sticks/moth balls in your house.
[ ] You own a gaming console
[x] You play a musical instrument
[ ] You don't wear shoes in your house(are flip-flops considered as shoes?)
[x] You can use chopsticks well
[ ] You get nothing if you do well in school

X's so far: 15

[ ] Your parents won't let you go out if you have school the next day
[ ] You have asian songs on your computer/iPod
[ ] You don't like football
[x] You have/had a curfew
[ ] You know what ulzzang/tb means
[ ] You know what purikura is
[ ] You like bubble tea
[x] Your parents bought you shoes many sizes too big so you can "grow into it" and wear it for years to come
[ ] You've played final fantasy
[ ] You believe in fortune cookies

X's so far: 17

[x] You know what bok choy is
[ ] You've heard the song "Got rice?"
[x] You have/had a tutor
[ ] You've had pockys/yan yan before. (what is that?)
[x] When you seek for your mother's permission she replies "Ask your dad"
[x] You like to save things in case you need them later, even if you never use it
[x] You have tasted durian
[x] You hope to be employed in something practical, like medicine, law, accounting, or engineering
[ ] You have eaten dog or snake
[x] Everyone thinks you're at least a year younger than you actually are

X's so far: 24

[x] You call your adult family friends "Auntie" or "Uncle"
[ ] You have or have had a bowl cut
[ ] Your parents enjoy comparing you to their friends' kids
[ ] You eat everything with chopsticks
[ ] You hang/hung your clothes out to dry on a line attached to the window of your flat and the window across from yours
[ ] You are applying to an ivy league college
[ ] Your parents or relatives have tried setting you up with someone
[ ] You eat for breakfast what is considered food unfit for breakfast (uh..)
[ ] You scored higher on the math than you did on the verbal on the SAT
[ ] You always cheer for the Asian athlete on TV.

X's so far: 25

[ ] You love shopping at Costco because everything's cheaper when buying in bulk, even if you don't need so much
[ ] You buy rice in 50lb sacks at least
[ ] You have had to wear hand-me-downs
[ ] You get two of the same thing but one is better because it's free
[x] You fight for the bill because of face, even though you don't actually want to pay for such an expensive meal
[ ] You make things yourself because it's cheaper, even though it takes more time
[x] You own a huge butcher knife but it's actually called a "vegetable knife"
[ ] You own a lot of Tommy Hilfiger or Calvin Klein
[x] You can down cups of tea like water and not feel the caffeine effects because you're used to it
[x] You love hot pot

X's so far: 26

[x] You make your rice without butter, spices, or salts
[x] Your parents are especially loud on the phone
[ ] You always take home the leftovers from a restaurant.
[ ] You try to coerce others into taking the leftovers if you're eating with company
[x] You give fruits as gifts
[ ] You will waste extra gas to find cheaper gas/other things (that’s pretty dumb)
[ ] You are smaller in size compared to the Caucasian population
[ ] You have relatives in Canada
[ ] The number 8 is an extremely lucky and important number to you
[ ] The number 4 is an extremely unlucky number to you

X's so far: 32

[x] Every big event revolves around food
[x] You have gotten used to the smells of herbal medicines
[ ] You are stick thin and want to keep it that way
[x] You try to save money on everything you buy
[x] You eat a lot but it doesn't add much to your weight
[ ] You care a lot about staying in fashion with the rest of Asia
[ ] School is always the number one priority in your family
[ ] You care a lot about honor and saving face
[x] Your parents expect you to do everything right
[x] You mix languages up constantly while thinking and speaking

X's so far: 38

this is embarassing

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Let It Rock - Kevin Rudolf ft Lil Wayne

I couldnt find any embeddable music video for this song so yea whatever. Anyway this song is good.

I know. I am slow in discovering songs. 

Thursday, March 05, 2009


even though I am super busy right now, I just have to share this with everyone.

The International's Ending Title. Composed by the most amazing musician in this world.
Never thought a movie's soundtrack could sound this good.


I'm soooo tired.
My mind feels saturated
My mental capacity is greatly reduced.
My head feels raw.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

quick update

Okay expect no updates from me for the coming days. It's exams time.

Just some short updates:-

1) Going to join a quiz. Will update on it if I manage to pass the preliminary rounds and get a free ride to KL. If not then let this be a vague memory.

2) Mouse dissection photos. Up on facebook again. This time my mouse had embryos in it and my friend had foetuses. I think we both need to go for confessions.

3) Jason Mraz live in KL tomorrow. CISSSS. And Sarah Brightman live in KL. This Saturday. RAHHHHHHHHHHH. (the vip seat for sarah's concert cost RM1000++. Talk about making bank)

4) Pete's new album. 13 days to go.

5) Holidays. 11 days to go. =DDD

6) The Hills ain't bad at all. I used to dislike watching it but ever since Privileged was cancelled i had to find a substitution.


Sunday, March 01, 2009

lesson of the week

I was basically feeling fatigued throughout the whole week, even after hours of sleeps and rests. My body felt like it was carrying twice the load as usual and well, I was tired. Simple as that.

On Friday night, I suddenly remembered this

"Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest" Matthew 11:28

I think it is chapter 11 verse 28 if I'm not mistaken. Someone countercheck please.

and I think you all should know what happened next.

So after praying, as odd and for some, impossible as it sounds, I just suddenly felt lively again. I was not tired anymore. It felt like someone has took all the burdens off my shoulder. It's hard to explain but I hope everyone understand what I'm trying to say here.

So yea, this is my story which I'll like to share this week, especially to those who are heavy-laden, be it emotionally, physically, mentally or spiritually.

That will be all.

It just felt like I've slept for a thousand years!!
Waking up feeling greatly rejuvenated