Monday, May 31, 2010

Lord I'm amazed.. You. <3

Saturday, May 29, 2010


...I would like you to meet my new toy =D

Seiko Criteria Limited Edition. Only 1500 pairs in this world. And I have one of them. =DDDD

probably the most expensive accessory i've bought to date, but i think it's worth every dime.

Friday, May 28, 2010


bahhhhhhhhhhhhh cant believe i spent my friday night at home!! watching re-runs!

but come to think of it, if you're staying where i am now you wouldnt have anywhere else to go as well at night. bah. i miss big cities and their nightlife.

but even that, having drinks and hanging out isnt too difficult right? =\

Lea, please come back to sibu soon. I really really miss having you around. Miss hanging around at your house laughing till our tummy hurts, miss having McD, miss having teas.

and i feel like, sometimes my friends here take me for granted, treating me like their chauffeur. and the only reason they'll invite me to stuffs is only cause i can drive them there. or that's just my thought. =( shrugs.

and some of them are seriously cheapskate. cheap as hell like seriously, omg.


hello everyone! yes i am back from the almost-one-month hiatus! yay! LOL

err. nevermind about that.
anyway, it has been a very long and tiring month. so much to do that i'd abandoned my blog.

so been working for 2 months now. got my paycheck few days ago(BIGBIGGRIN) but nevermind about that. i've got to say, these past 2 months have been pretty eventful. a very interesting experience indeed. I've come to realize that being a teacher is actually a very difficult job, not as easy as everyone think it is. but seldom any of the students appreciate the hard work those teachers put into. it makes me feel kinda sorry for those teacher who puts in so much effort for the students but they just dont give a damn. hmm.. *shrugs* as a teacher, we cant do much except to wish them well.
anyway, been teaching amaths and this is very very ironic since i really really dislike maths. But now i'm kinda liking that subject more and more hahaha =D

took my isat and ielts for my monash university application last month. isat was okay i guess but flunked my ielts writing paper. which means i have to retest the entire exam, again. =( what luck.

...which reminds me,

I've decided to focus entirely on my Monash University application and not depend on my government universities anymore. Even though my application from Monash has not been confirmed and quite a number of people thinks that my choice is very risky, I've decided to rely on my ability and of course, submit everything to God. This is what i call having faith.

Am holding on to that faith. =)

so nothing much exciting besides all that. Life is pretty much all work now, except that my work life is very very interesting. You have no idea what to expect everyday. sometimes it can be utterly boring and sometimes it can be so hectic you have to work overtime. But most of my friends are resigning this month since they'll be off to their respective uni soon. I think I'm the only one who decides to continue throughout the next semester. =D this is gonna be interesting.

another question i get very often is, "hey, still single?" and yes, i am still single. People asks me why. I guess I dont think i am ready(dont laugh! i know i am old!). It's just that, i dislike being in love. It gets you all tangled up, in a good and a bad way. It makes you wanna laugh and cry at the same time. and if i myself am not even ready, i dont think i should commit myself in such serious relationship. I dont wanna get anyone hurt. so, uhm, yay to
being single? hahaha until i am really sure i am ready, i'll stay single.

and i've learned that I really should care less about what other people think of me. Before this, every little criticism or comment that people have for me, I would take it so personally that it reaches the extent of trying to change myself in order to please others. Been trying to do so much of that for the past many many years to the point where i dont even know who am I anymore. But now i've learned that I cannot satisfy everyone. I am who I am and if they are my real friends, they'll accept me just as I am. Of course, some bad habits and attitudes can be changed but other than that, trying to change your entire self for someone else isnt worth it. You'll only end up hurting yourself and that other person still will not appreciate you. So what if i'm boring, or uninteresting, or way too chatty. =)

till then. ta.

Thursday, May 06, 2010


The first time I heard this song, I loved it.

and now, after many years, I still love it.

such an awesome song. =)