Sunday, November 29, 2009


so lately, i've been getting this question quite often, which is...
"SO! what are you gonna study next year?/where are you gonna go next year?"
Never did I imagine that it'll year. I always thought it was 2010 but I did not realize that'll be next year. =X

anyway. So. what do i exactly wanna do?

I always wanted to do something that earns me endless amount of cash has something to do with heath-care or health sciences, such as medicine or pharmacy.

But looking at my results now, I don't think I'll be getting any MBBS from any school anytime soon(or anytime at all!). And so pharmacy it is. Besides, I don't wanna screw up my chance of getting a JPA scholarship, so i rather apply for something that's more...realistic. and which is more accessible. see? =D

But IF I do not get any scholarship (which I hope not), I will end up in one of those government universities (again, which I hope not!). Apparently my parents think the course that I am applying for is too expensive. Well, quite true tho. So scholarship. PLEASE!

Then again, IF my results sucks so badly that I can neither do pharmacy or medicine ( I blame stpm.), worse comes to worst, I will have to become a teacher. Yes. A teacher. What subject? Probably chemistry, the subject which i like the most.

BUT! I am trying to be positive! =D all my papers are, alright. So far so good. So I'm hoping for a miracle(actually, many miracles). I'm trying to not think of the "worse comes to worst" situation first. gonna stay positive. And I am quite sure God will help me. =)

uhm, so. are you not entertained?

Saturday, November 28, 2009


bah. just hold on. 13 more days. just a short period.

get a grip, terrr. suck it up. stop whining.

but i cant help it. I get messages like, "ugh holidays are soooo boring la. rather be in school now. i hate holidays" but are you serious about that? cause for all i know, during those schooldays, you were literally begging for the holidays.

please be considerate ok. there are some people out there who are still working their butt off, wishing for their holidays to come. all your complaints about your holidays will not help. stop being so bitter about it.

bah. upset.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

=D happy thanksgiving... everyone. =)

My next paper doesnt start till next Tuesday so I'm grabbing this chance to get some rests. 

and to blog.

So, since it's thanksgiving today, just wanted to make a list of things i'm thankful for.

I am thankful for:-

  1. being a Christian. =)
  2. having the most awesome-est family and the best-est parents, bro and sis
  3. having the most wonderful bunch of teachers to teach me this 2 years of form 6
  4. going to form 6. not an easy task, but the sense of accomplishment is amazing.
  5. 10th of december! retail therapy!
  6. getting the adequate amount of blessings, not too much or i'll get spoilt and not too little as well.
  7. living in a country where natural disasters are rarely seen 
  8. not being born into a very very poor country. or living in poverty.
  9. having all the basic necessities in life.

and i'm also thankful for every single one of my friends!

if i start naming everyone, that might take me forever, and this post will get very tedious. so uhm, these are just a few people who helped me a lot this year.

adrian - my reliable chat buddy

louis - the wise guy with wise advice.

lea - for the tea! and being bestie numero uno

dory - the motivator.

xiao mei - best listener in the world. the most patient as well, always there to listen to my ramblings. =)

and many others. no i did not forget you. =) every little things that y'all do, i appreciate it deeply. 

so yea, happy thanksgiving. 

Sunday, November 22, 2009


Only one paper done.

I have 3 this week. 3 papers in 3 consecutive days. The thought of it makes me cringe in fear.

...I don't know. Feeling kinda down.

It feels like as if I'm in this war all alone. No one is helping me. I feel so helpless.

Well, it's true. Why should anyone care. It's your exam. Deal with it.

I know, i know. You're saying "But God is with you!"

Well, sometimes when you're extra down and sad, you just cant help it.

I'm tired, I'm exhausted. I have no more will.

But I must go on. 

cause I know that some of my friends are supporting me all the way!

I have faith. A faith that can move mountains. I have faith that God will help me get 4As!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


i'm 41 hours and 30 minutes away from it.

This all feels so surreal.

I actually feel like I'm in a war.

And i've finally reach the battlefield. The atmosphere is tense, everyone is not talking. I'm waiting for the enemy, I can see it already.

I dont know if i bought enough ammo.

..hope so.

I'm in this alone. It's me against everything else. All i have is my brain, myself and I. With supports from teachers, motivation from friends and the encouragements of others.

And the strength of the Lord. =)

this is frightening.

Monday, November 16, 2009


So, no more high school eh?

Class officially ended today. But still, the finals are in 2 days time. X.X

but then I finally got my wish, that is, to leave Form 6.

if you were to ask me, am i happy?

...i dont know how to answer.

Bittersweet perhaps?
Happy cause i dont have to endure waking up at 6 am in the morning and go home after an exhausting day.
Sad cause I am gonna miss the people. the atmosphere. the funs.

Kinda reluctant tho. maybe it's just me. =\

I'm never gonna return to that school again as a student. Just an outsider, or an alumni. LOL.

definitely gonna miss them awesome teachers. I'll have to say, after years of studying, the teachers were the nicest these 2 years. Never, did I come across kinder teachers than the ones i had these 2 years.

and i've met the bunch of funniest schoolmates i've ever met as well. Any conversation would usually end up with us either LOL-ing hard or bursting into tears of laughter.


It has been a roller-coaster ride.

This year has been good. Well, sometimes it's bad(when it comes to exams) but then, most of the time it's good. =)

Sunday, November 15, 2009


In Hebrews these 3 words were mentioned; persevere(10:36), do not lose heart(12:5) and endure (12:7).

Although chances of getting As seems pretty slim, but I'm not giving up hope. I'll have faith, faith that God will help and provide. I will not doubt. I'm counting on God.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Philippians 4:13

I would like to share a verse with everyone.

"I can do EVERYTHING through HIM who gives me STRENGTH - Philippians 4:13"

Yeup. so true.

Monday, November 09, 2009


Remembered when i started Lower six I felt soooooooooooo far away from the ending point, the finish line. It felts like the race was never gonna end. The battle was never gonna be won.

I'm on my last kilometer now. :) i cannot believe this is all gonna be over soon.

Call me emotional but you wont understand how would feel, never. Not unless you're in form 6 as well.

I'm so close now. It feels so surreal.

Sunday, November 08, 2009

another nice one.

When it feels like the whole world has turn away from you and you have no one to count on...

you know you've still got someone that you can count on. :D

I used to think probably I can go through this ordeal by myself. Boy was i wrong.

Ever since I started relying more on Him, I've realized that revision times are less painful now. I can even memorize chapters after chapters and still be able to remember it the next day. =)

so yea, have a blessed week everyone!

Friday, November 06, 2009

a worth of sacrifice.

This time, I promise. This will definitely worth the 9:26 minutes of your life.

Ever wondered what does it mean when us Christians always say, "For God so loved the world that He gave up His one and only son.."

Well, I have the best video to explain that to you.

Watch this, please. No matter how busy or bored or sad you are. Just watch. No regrets I promise.

Thursday, November 05, 2009

ok please, enough.

edited: i've realised that it is not worth my time and energy to fret about you. so i've decided to forgive you and forget about you.

Good day to you.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009



Operation memorize-every-single-word-in-my-biology-textbook, on!

The only reason I’m doing that is because apparently only 2 people got A in the last STPM exam. Out of 16. So most prolly the probability of getting an A in biology would be 1/8. O_O

So dead. so so dead.


Miracles? Now would be a good time for you to show up.


Anyway, would be updating less. MUCH MUCH less. =(



=D Seeing you brightens my day.

I wonder if you feel the same way as well.

Sunday, November 01, 2009

just for fun.

This is def one of the best live performance I've ever seen. Just superb.

Muse - Starlight Live at the EMAs

and another song that i am addicted to now.

Croatian Rhapsody. =D