Sunday, June 20, 2010

thought of the day.

I used to like being in the praise and worship team at my church. Just love singing praises and leading the congregation. I dont know why but I guess I just like singing, especially christian songs, a lot! Hahaha

But then not long after I started to get criticism from some of the people, saying that I'll sing out of tune and my voice doesn't sound very nice. And that I shouldn't even consider singing on stage ever again. So that kinda brought me down a bit. Disappointed to say the least.

But then again, now come to think of it, the reason I was being a vocalist on stage in the first place was to praise God, was to worship Him. And I know for sure that no matter if I sound like Kris Allen or a wailing banshee, He'll still love it. He'll still enjoy it. He'll take it as it is. He'll still think it's great.

And if the Creator of the universe, the King of all kings and the Lord of all lords thinks it's great, who are they to criticize? =)

Just a thought. thinkaboutit.


Haha finally I've got some free time to actually sit down and type a decent post! Allow me to summarize what I've did these past many weeks!

1) Celebrated my first ever teacher's day! As a teacher!

I actually got gifts from my students! How touching!! =D 
p/s: The school gave all the teachers a bunch of red pens as a token of appreciation. Obviously they want us teachers to work even harder by marking more test papers with those pens. 

2) Went to a christian camp called Freedom in Christ. Absolutely amazing camp. Best 3 days ever. 

someone was obviously fooling around XD

3) Had the opportunity to do an attachment at a hospital as a student. 
Thank God I was under two amazing doctors. 
One was Dr. Zamzuri, a malay doctor who can speak chinese, english and malay. And trust me, first glance at him and you would not even be able to guess that he is a doctor. Probably the most cheerful doctor I'd ever met! Once he was jumping while laughing in the OT. Yes. He did. 
The other was Dr John Tang. Louis' dad! hahaha he's a great guy as well. A very wise and smart doctor. Was not selfish with his knowledge and was willing to teach and give me advice even if he had a line waiting for him outside his clinic. But once I was sitting in his clinic and he was explaining stuffs to his patients when all of a sudden he shot a few questions at me and my mind went blank immediately. Thank God for quick impulses.

who knows if I'll ever have the opportunity of wearing a white coat ever again right? =D

in the sexy scrubs! but i never did actually had the chance to "scrub" my hands tho. always walked into the OT with my dirty hands.

Me: Hey doc what is this? *poke poke*
Doc: that is the appendix. btw did you wash your hands?
Me: that important?

The small room in which I seek refuge whenever the patients decides to slaughter me because of some unexplainable reasons there are nothing else to do. =)

Overall it was a really great experience, even though some days may get kinda exhausting. But I still love the job! =D

Anyhoo that's all for now. Will update again soon!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

be right back!

Okay sorry but been really really busy these past few days.
Been doing attachments at a hospital and I'm very worn out these few days.
Went to a Christian camp last week. All I can say is that God is really amazing.

Well I will update on the details when I am free. Probably next week. In the meantime, a few videos for you to reflect on!

God will never leave nor forsake us. =')

Have a good week everyone.

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

=D classic.

I adore the little italian mouse.

"..tu sei Tom cat? tu sei Jerry mouse? Tom and Jerry? hahahah funny cartoons!" cuteness!

they just dont make them like this anymore.

I remember I used to love watching these two when I was young, and now I still do! hahaha =D
Definitely a classic. Kudos to Fred Quimby.

Saturday, June 05, 2010


seriously. WOW.


I cannot believe they were tossing those people like loo rolls! O.O seriously incredible.

Please vote for them. They HAVE to win.

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

haa =D

I want A&F's shirts please. Why must the nearest store still have to be so far away! =(

And I hate boring saturday nights. I can't wait to meet up with my friends in KL and we can go to those fancy places and have drinks. Or maybe we can go party!!

..what am i saying. bah i think i've turned into a party animal. bad. very bad.

which reminds me.

I am addicted to this song. The beat is so catchy. =D


A&F! or Hollister! please consider opening a store closer to where i am please. preferably KL! kthanks! =D