Friday, July 31, 2009


Do you agree when I quote, "When one is stressed, he angers easily."

Apparently all these stressed have lowered my patience level greatly. I can no longer tolerate some people :( still have to learn to be patient. So realizing that resistance towards some people are futile, I've decided to apply the best method. It's so true when they say silence is gold.

Less talk = Less conflict = Less stress. A win-win solution.

but people starts to think you're a snob

Anyway any thoughts on this situation

I know this guy who oddly, whenever there is a hang-outs between friends, he will definitely be there. And as wel all know, there will always be food. But then the problem is that he never seems to want to pay! Not just once or twice but all the time! And not just that, considering everyone is just getting a quick meal or snack, he has a full 3 course meal. He orders appetizers, main course and side dishes! Plus desserts! And whenever everyone starts to pay, he just either keeps his mouth shut or he just tells the nearest person that he is sitting to, "Help me pay & I'll pay it back to you soon." Well it's fine if it's once or twice or a few times. But no! It's every single time! And apparently I guess his definition of soon = never. I don't know about y'all maybe I'm just being too sensitive but I think this is very shameless of him.

Thoughts? Should I just ask him to pay the next time? But then he never seems bring any single cent nor cash! And his parents are wearing Vuittons top to bottom.


Anyway, some Form 3 classes are gonna have aircons in their class! I refuse to accept the fact that we, seniors have no airconditioned classrooms. I object! I WANT AIRCONS IN MY CLASS! But...ahh nevermind.


Tuesday, July 28, 2009

one word


this hotel & residence is E P I C - EPIC!!!

I can't choose which shot I like the best. all of them are like, WOW.

Monday, July 27, 2009


You are not allowed to tell me what I can or cannot do.

You are not allowed to resist me from studying what i want. From taking the course I want.

I'll pursue whatever course I wish to pursue and you are not going to stop me.

The only thing between me and my wish would be myself. If that even makes any sense LOL.

p/s anyway does it annoy you when you wish to do something(eg: study some specific course in college) but then people around you aren't very supportive of you. Instead they discourage you and think you should do something else instead(or in other words, follow their advice). Bleh.

but am I being too stubborn?

Saturday, July 25, 2009

God's Chisel - The Skit Guys.

This is a very touching skit. Some of the things that they say are just very true. Kinda like a reality check. A wake up call. A slap in the face. All in a good way =)

Watch it. You'll never regret it.

God doesn't make junk. You are an original masterpiece.

Thursday, July 23, 2009


Today marks the last day of my afternoon classes!

After 3 weeks of agonizing pain, it is finally over!


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

quick update.

1) been skipping afternoon classes for 3 days now. Gosh being able to have naps in the afternoon sure is good.

2) Inorganic chemistry is hell. Even tougher than physical chem.

3) My teachers(or do you also call them lecturers) are insane. One chemistry chapter in a day! and that chapter had 9 periods allocated for it, which means a week!

4) It rained for the whole morning today. Nice weather today. =)

Hmm. Nothing interesting. Just been very moody lately. Don't feel like doing anything. I feel under appreciated, I'm sick, I'm tired. Yes I am overly sensitive at times. I am paranoid and I miss my friend. Lea you MUST come back in December. And I really wish I can just fast forward the time to December right now.

=( no more motivation.

And today's biology test. I totally forgot what is haploid parthenogenesis and diploid parthenogenesis.

Blah why must form 6 be so difficult.

p/s i wanna go to LA!

Friday, July 17, 2009

whisper, "hello, i miss you quite terribly."

So the weather is hot. Super hot. I have no idea where is the rain. The sun is super cheerful. and global warming aint doing any help either. We have to start working people. Or everyone might just die one day due to heat stroke.

Heard that maybe our afternoon classes will be cancelled! after our First mock exam! =DDD hoping for a miracle! keeping my fingers crossed!

Well why the sudden change? I assume it would be the continuous pestering by one of our very helpful teacher and some other parents.

And how 2 students almost passed out due to heat stroke yesterday afternoon. sad, i know. And me walking from the gate to my classroom would usually have me soak in sweat. Like after running in the field for 30minutes on a sunny afternoon.
Is that not a good reason to stop everything?

Keeping my fingers crossed! =D=D=D

Monday, July 13, 2009


weather = brightly sunny with a touch of humidity. In two words, scorching hot. Seriously I was just taking a nap until I woke up to a sweat soaked tee. Really really soaked. And my aircon was on fullblastsuperpower.

From 88 to 77 and now 66. LOL so much for getting good marks =(

Joel Mchale. Super funny.

8 hours of classes continuously is seriously energy draining.

Internet connection is seriously bad. Took me hours just to load a 4 minutes video on youtube. =(

Some people are seriously annoying. Either you learn to be patient with them or you just want to give them a punch in the face.

I really dislike vectors. I dislike pure maths. Whatever happened to 1+1=2.

So much things to memorize in biology. Which reminds me I cannot believe that guy is studying to be a pharmacist. I just hope he doesn't poison anyone due to overdosage. No offence but he just wasn't the wisest nor the responsible kinda guy.

I want a vacation. A break. A trip to the beach will be nice. or a highland resort. mmmm.

Is it just me or is there anyone else which is experiencing a scary obsessive craving for Christmas.

I like chemistry =)

Medicine or pharmacy.

And I believe by now you are bored with this post, but if you're still reading, I salute you. You are either downright bored or you find this interesting.

I've noticed that when I'm stressed. I eat. alot. preferably comfort foods such as donuts and snacks. fast food is also good. this is very worrying. esp the risk of getting myocardial infarction.

and finally, i shall leave you all with this.

mmm nice.

Saturday, July 11, 2009


I think there is a fine line between being confident and being proud.

And from what I know, hard work itself does not contribute to one's success.

One needs confidence as well.

So from now on, think positive. No more being pessimistic. But at the same time not being overly-confident as well.

Gonna think positive. Gonna get what I want. Gotta acheive what I really really want.

But if I really do get crappy results, I'll...uhm.. decide about that later. haha

Thursday, July 09, 2009


The Malaysian Government has decided to revert our science and maths syllabus back to Malay by 2012.

Ok like please, make up your mind. Don't change it every decade1

And imagine this:
"The carbon dioxide gas will turn the limewater milky."

translated into

"Gas karbon dioksida akan menyebabkan air limau bersusu. LOLOLOL."

Wednesday, July 08, 2009


You just don't get any choices anymore. You follow what you are asked to do.

Tiredness is an everyday word.

Everyday seems like a drag. There's no more passion in what you do.

Emptiness is what you feel everyday.

You're so depressed you're scared you might get neurosis or psychosis.

Cause not many people actually understands.

You feel under appreciated.

You've failed so often that you're immuned to it.

Being compared is also not an option. You'll just have to brace yourself for the criticism in the comparison.

Dissapointment is felt so frequently that you think you're the worst person on earth.

You often wonder why is that some people's life is so easy that they are sailing through it whereas you feel like you're in a battle.

I need encouragements. That extra motivation. That extra 'push'.
stop it already. this depression is eating me alive.

Sunday, July 05, 2009

another great one.

Tear Down The Wall - Hillsong United

10++minutes long. Worth every minute.

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Hillsong London - Now

off their album "Hail to The King"

Listen to it. It's good.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009


We went to visit the courthouse today. The cases were all about immigrants who overstayed. The proceedings were kinda boring until the next case started which was about that guy who claims that he is the head of the mafia team in sibu, or so it seems. I mean, seriously, people actually think this guy is cool? And the case was something about gas cylinders and money and plenty of embezzlements and blablabla until we had to go back to school =(

Anyway, that experience made me kinda want to be a lawyer, or a judge! It seems kinda fun at first.

Of course, until I realised that I almost fell asleep just listening to the proceedings. Imagine a lawyer snoozing off while the other is talking. LOL that would not be cool. I'll just stick to what I want to be.

anyway, I've realised that I really should stop complaining about F6 and school and stuff. And I think the only reason I'm so depressed is that I'm afraid that I might do poorly in my STPM and thus ruining my chances of entering a reputable university.

But what I have learned is that God has a plan for us. and He plans the best for us. Sometimes we might not agree on His ways but the end results are usually very satisfying. So therefore, when we succeed, we praise Him. When we fail, we praise Him as well. Because when we fail we thank Him for teaching us a lesson and learning from our mistake and maturing us through the failures.

Thanks to L for the inspiration.

And cheers everyone.