Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Something happened. Something bad happened in which I do not want to elaborate any further. 

All I wanna say is that, sorry. Sorry that I am so useless.

I'm sorry that I am so useless to the point that whatever things I do, I get scolded. I get reprimanded. I get yelled at. 

Why is it that everything that I do, I get scolded? Every decision that I make, I get yelled at? Why? Do you know how much you've hurt me? To the point that whenever I make a decision or say something I am always in fear. 

Am I really that worthless? Am I really that useless? Do you really hate me that much? 

You all have really pushed me off the edge this time. 

"An adrenaline rush can be a wonderful thing, and a dangerous thing as well. The rush produces insane energy temporarily. At that particular moment, the person may lose his/her ability to think and may do whatever he/she likes"