Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Eclipse - The Twilight Saga.

So today, after many many failed attempts of downloading it, I've finally managed to download Eclipse (and watch it in the same day!). 
Oooh~ So haunting. 

And all I've got to say is that eclipse is definitely better than New Moon. NM was slow, draggy. The storyline was rather boring, even though it was superbly written in the novel. 

I guess the director failed to portray the suspense and the emotions in the novel. But eclipse did manage to capture a lil bit more of that. But overall I still think that twilight was the best. NM and eclipse wasn't able to reach the same level of hype as twilight did. 

Stare into my eyes~~ I shall hypnotize you!!! @.@

Riley and his ka-kias 

Carlisle: Please don't fall off the cliff Esme. I will die of embarrassment.

It's annoying how all Bella wants is to have sex. -.-

No Jacob. You may not borrow her.

Jane: Why am I so short...

Anyway, cannot wait for breaking dawn!! =D