Friday, January 28, 2011

looking for an angel...

Hi everyone. Anyway got the chatbox up again. hahaha after deleting all those strange and weird and stupid comments that were in there

Anyway, I'm still contemplating on whether it is safe to open up my blog to the public again. Hmm should I?


Okay so I would like to introduce a favourite hobby of mine, stamp collection! uhm to be more specific, first day cover collection!

Just a simple definition of first day cover from for those of you who have no idea what am I talking about.
"A first day cover is a stamped envelope, postal card or other postal material that was processed at the post office where the stamp was issued, and has a cancellation indicating the same. The cancellation will often be specially designed for the occasion and frequently will say "First Day of Issue(FDI)" or something similar. Depending on the postal authority there may be a ceremony to commemorate the first day of issue."
Anyway, so this month there was a FDI on "haiwan peliharaan kanak-kanak" (children's pets). The stamps are super cute so I really wanted it. Problem was that it was sold out when i got there X.X super annoying. So now I'm searching on the internet hoping someone will sell it to me. 
The FDC that I was supposed to buy.
The other FDC in conjunction with CNY
 Bah, since the FDC was all sold out, what left was just the stamp. But for the stamp, only the bunny and the cat was still available. The doggy stamps were all sold out! O.O unbelievable! 


Of all the stamps that I have collected, I think these stamps are the nicest POS malaysia has ever printed. I love the picture and the details of the animal. It looked so real!