Sunday, January 23, 2011

really? like, really?

I do not understand why some people just hates Malaysia so much!

*warning, ranting posts ahead, full of angst. Proceed with caution.*

I mean seriously! I for one do not think Malaysia is that bad!! I've been living in Malaysia for 20 years and I find it amazing! I do not understand why some people just starts arguing with me whenever I start supporting Malaysia in some stuff. I mean, seriously! For the love of god you've been staying in this country as well and you've turned out fine! What is there so much to hate about Malaysia?? Okay fine maybe we've got corrupted governments who probably made this country more broke than ever in history but other than that it's all good! 

Malay people? Some of them are amazing! Okay so you're telling me some of them are extremists and racists? Well guess what, some of us chinese are as well!! Like seriously, check yourself in the mirror before blaming others for what they've done because obviously we've done it as well. BM is a stupid language? Well guess what, you'll realise how useful it is when you're trying to yell at some rude chinaman without him having a single idea what you're talking about. it DEFINITELY comes in handy sometimes. 

There's still so much of Malaysia to talk about! Amazing food we can get, not just in sibu but in Kl melaka and PENANG!! then there's the annual mega sales, not as good as the one in singapore but hey I'm not complaining! We're also the country that gave birth to the world's best airline, world's tallest twin tower and the world's best airport! Vacations in malaysia can be awesome as well. Breathtaking sunset scenery, stunning views of the crocker range and the evergreen tropical forests! Hahahah these are just some of the things i loooove about Malaysia.

So hey I seriously get pissed off whenever people starts bad mouthing about Malaysia to the point where Malaysia seems as bad as some inhabitable third world country or worse. I mean seriously people, if it was that bad you'll be dead by now. 


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